As student across this nation we have not endorsed any individual politician whether in in government or the opposition party. As Zambia National Students Union we shall not allow students to be used as tools of political propaganda, violence, and cheap politicking. Currently we are looking at three critical issues affecting the Zambian people, the wage freeze, students’ loan scheme, and the Zambia draft constitution road map being the major concerns.
Presidential candidates should fulfil their word, because any false promises on the Zambian people and students, time will catch up with you and students will not be a force to reckon with. Politicians should not be cheated that students can be bought but rather conduct their campaigns with objectivity.
I would like to appeal to the leadership of higher learning institutions to use their myopia wisely and not to forsake their mandate of representing students interest and stop chasing after politicians. Students are being arrested, victimised, our duty as leaders is to provide leadership and speak against vices not in the bes interest of the students, community, and safe guard the values of demonstrations before it loses its meaning.
On behalf of students from Chipata Trades, Evelyn Hone College, NIPA, Mpika College of Agriculture, The Copperbelt University, Livingstone Institute of Business Studies, Mansa Trades, UNILUS, Mongu Trades, Rusangu University, Nortec, Mulungushi university, ZIBSIP, Mukuba University, Mufulira School of Nursing, UNZA and other high learning institutions as students our role is to provide guidance, checks and balances for the betterment of mother Zambia. We are an energetic and dynamic force on who depends the future destiny of our mothers, fathers, and the children’s to come, safe guarding our goals, objectives, interest, unit of purpose and shared aspirations.
We would also like to advise all the youths cut across this nation not to be used as tools or propellers of political propaganda but choose a credible leader who shall address our concerns and other challenges.



Guy Scott in the officeActing President Guy Scott has threatened to delay the party General Conference for another week if reports he has received that violence may be perpetrated at the Conference are true.

The PF has no official candidate yet and is already behind by 10 days as Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND and the other Opposition leaders are engaged in a fully fledged nationwide campaigns.

Scott was speaking when he visited the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Thursday Afternoon. He said he was verifying reports he received that a group of people wished to cause violence at the Conference.

But this contrary to earlier reports by Minister of Home Affairs, Ngosa Simbyukula who stated that the Police had sent to Kabwe enough officers to maintain law and order and to ensure that the Conference was conducted in a peaceful atmosphere.

Simbyakula had also assured that metal detectors will be placed at entrances to ensure that no individual went in the Conference grounds with any offensive weapons.

And Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani also assured that the police will place various security check points to ensure that only delegates and accredited persons travel to Kabwe.


 IMG_7616Since the death of President Michael Chilufya Sata on 28th October, 2014, we have observed political machinations in jostling for Presidency of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party. The political agitations have publicly exposed the PF on the weakness of their constitution and the power appetite among its members which has almost split the ruling party.

While this is an intra-party issue, The Zambian Voice, is concerned that if the issue is not handled well, it has a potential to spill over to the general citizenry of Zambia.

It is also common knowledge that Zambian stakeholders are watching with keen interest to see how the PF crosses to the other side of Post-Sata era and governance.

The success of the PF general conference lays in the following of the constitution and transparent electoral process. We commend the Vice President Dr. Guy Scott who has led his members who are anxious with a huge appetite for power. Dr. Scott has clung to the constitution every step of the way. His leadership has kept the Zambian citizens at ease.

For the sake of democracy and transparency the Acting President of the PF together with the PF Electoral chairperson Ms. Sylvia Masebo, should immediately publish the list of their members who are going to the conversion and outline the process so that, their members and the general citizens will appreciate their effort to conduct a free and fair election in the PF.

Lack of consensus on a Presidential candidate in the PF a poses a risk of not having elections on 20th January 2014 which will go against our constitution and therefore cause a governance crisis.

It is therefore imperative for the PF to put their house in order in the forthcoming general conference starting on 28th November 2014. All PF members should borne it in their minds that they have no two ways but to come up with one President who will contest the 20th January 2015 election otherwise they should be ready to hand over power to a ratified and sworn Deputy Chief Justice who is Justice Ireen Mambilima, since currently we have no ratified and sworn Chief Justice. Her Ladyship Justice Chibesakunda has only been acting and has constitutional issues pending in court, therefore she would not be on solid grounds to govern this Country. Justice Mambilima should takeover as Acting President to avoid governance crisis.

We also commend the security and defense chiefs for keeping and guiding the nation on security matters since we lost our President. We urge them to keep vigil to protect the sovereignty of the Country and its citizens. They should not allow anyone or a group of people to take advantages of the situation to compromise our security.


We note with concern, the recent acrimony displayed between some government and PF leaders and the Board of the Zambia National Broadcasting Service Cooporation (ZNBC) over the latter’s operations.

We condemn visit of the Minister of Youth and Sport, Hon Chishimba Kambwili and senior PF members. It is more disheartening to even note that Hon. Kambwili is one of the Presidential candidates. We wonder if this is the leadership that is left of the PF and we are concerned as citizen to be lead by such emotional leaders.

We also concerned with the biased statement given by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Mr. Chanda Kasolo. It is sad that the senior public servant seems to be gravitating more to politics other than serving the interest of the general public.

We would like to appeal to all public workers that they are there to serve the interest of the major stakeholders, who are the citizens of this Country. The general public invests in the running of the public institutions through the remittance of Taxes and therefore expects value for their money from its workers.

We commend the ZNBC board for their candidness to thwart political interference in the running of the cooperation. We urge them to continue preserving the interest of the cooperation, subsequently the interest of the citizens, who are above politicians and the public workers. Zambians’ interest should always come first and not political semantics.

God bless Mother Zambia.

For Guy Scott it is Business as usual. Convention is on this Weekend but the suspended members won’t attend.

Guy Scott in the officeActing President Guy Scott says the central committee that met on Sunday afternoon formed a quorum and set Saturday this week as a date for the general conference at Kabwe’s Mulungushi Rock of Authority. The agenda will be to pick the party’s presidential candidate for the January 20, 2015 by-epection.

Scott said at a media briefing yesterday that the MCCs who convened at State House resolved to go for a general conference to ensure there are no short cuts in picking late President Sata’s successor.
“We held our second central committee meeting at State House today [yesterday]. Article 58(k) of the PF constitution states that an extra-ordinary conference be held to elect a party candidate.
“In that central committee meeting, we resolved that we hold a general conference this coming Saturday. We are going there on Friday and voting will take place on Saturday,” Dr Scott said.
He said the PF is bound by its own constitution and will not do anything to the contrary, which risks splitting the party.
He said those serving suspensions will not be allowed to attend the general conference until their suspensions are lifted.
Dr Scott said those suspended will have to answer charges before the disciplinary committee before they are cleared.
PF deputy secretary-general Anthony Kasolo said a quorum for yesterday’s central committee meeting was formed because 16 members who attended constituted the 50 percent constitutional requirement.
He said this number constituted 50 percent of the total number of MCCs, less the 16 that are suspended, leaving a total of 32.
Among the aspiring candidates who attended Dr Scott’s briefing are Chishimba Kambwili, Geoffrey Mwamba, Miles Sampa, Wylbur Simuusa and Mulenga Sata.
And Mr Kambwili has appealed to PF members to respect Dr Scott because he has the same powers which were vested in late President Sata by the party’s constitution.
He said all those that Dr Scott has suspended should not take their suspensions lightly because he is doing that in accordance with provisions in the party constitution.
On Saturday, Dr Scott suspended 16 members of the central committee.  These are PF national chairperson Inonge Wina, government spokesperson Joseph Katema, Jean Kapata, Willie Nsanda, Stephen Kampyongo, Freedom Sikazwe, Obvious Chisala, Malozo Sichone and Benson Chali.
Others are Fabian Chiposo, Sylvester Mtonga, John Chisanga, Lazarous Bwalya Chungu, James Kapyanga, Mwenya Musenge and Rasford Mwale Chipolo.


HH Promising

Hakainde Hichilema (HH) held a press conference and a rally in Kanyama. HH promised the electorates following:
1. Enact the constitution before 2016
2. Free Education up to tertiary level
3. Create jobs
4. Gazette Kanyanta Sosala as Chitimukulu
5. Reduce the cost of living (melie meal)

On number one we can give him the benefit of doubt but remember Sata told us that he will do it in 90 days.

On number two, you would ask, how he would manage that because it involves money. Where will he get money to pay the teachers and all school supplies. I would like to see their budget.

Number 3. Create jobs, it is easier said than done. I would like to hear policies that will translate into jobs. It is not just about pronouncements.

Number 4. We can believe him on that, it is easy. Sata just had a personal issue with the man.

Number 5. This is next to impossible because melie meal starts with farmers who have to invest to harvest maize which they have to sell at a profit. Millers buy maize from farmers to make profit through the selling of melie meal to retailers who will also sell to consumers at a profit. So where does HH come in to reduce the price of melie meal for the consumers?

HH need to be more detailed to convince the middle class who will not be swayed by cheap political rhetoric.


Maureen Mwanawasa with HH

Former First Lady Maureen Mwanawas has now thrown her weight behind opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

Mrs Mwanawasa was the surprise guest at the unveiling of Hakainde Hichilema as the party’s flag bearer in the forth coming Presidential By-elections slated for 20th January 2015 at Lusaka’s Golden Bridge Hotel.

Others who have crossed the floor include former MMD National Chairman Micheal Mabenga and veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga who could be seen at the gathering.

Another Injunction Against the PF General Conference

KBFTHE ruling Patriotic front (PF) has been dragged to court again by another member, Francis Fube Mulenga who is this time seeking an injunction to restrain the party from convening the general conference.

Mr Mulenga claims that the convention should not go ahead on grounds that the nomination process of filing presidential application letters by some aspiring candidates had been marred with irregularities.

He stated that the ruling party should be restrained from convening the general conference scheduled for November 28, this year because the process was breached in accordance with Article 52 of the party Constitution.

He said the filing process was not followed as required by the party Constitution as the aspiring candidates were all made to file before the Acting President instead of the party General Secretary as had been the trend.

In his affidavit filed at the Lusaka High Court Registry on Friday, Mr Mulenga asked the court to call for fresh filing in of nominations before the general secretary or the deputy to ensure that the party was not inconvenienced. In this matter, Mr Mulenga had sued Bridget Atanga as general secretary of the party in which he is seeking an interim injunction to restrain the party from going to the convention until the determination of the matter.

He said Article 52 of the Constitution gives powers to the central committee to scrutinise the applications of aspiring presidential candidates and not the Acting President which was the case now. Mr Mulenga said after the scrutiny, the central committee was then expected to recommend the names of those eligible to contest to the National Council for them to take to the general conference and not any other committee.

Lusaka High Court Judge-in-Charge Isaac Chali in conduct of the matter has since set November 24, 2014 this year as the date for hearing.

Will the party manage to successfully choose it’s Presidential candidate with all these injunctions that have started?


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