HH Promising

Hakainde Hichilema (HH) held a press conference and a rally in Kanyama. HH promised the electorates following:
1. Enact the constitution before 2016
2. Free Education up to tertiary level
3. Create jobs
4. Gazette Kanyanta Sosala as Chitimukulu
5. Reduce the cost of living (melie meal)

On number one we can give him the benefit of doubt but remember Sata told us that he will do it in 90 days.

On number two, you would ask, how he would manage that because it involves money. Where will he get money to pay the teachers and all school supplies. I would like to see their budget.

Number 3. Create jobs, it is easier said than done. I would like to hear policies that will translate into jobs. It is not just about pronouncements.

Number 4. We can believe him on that, it is easy. Sata just had a personal issue with the man.

Number 5. This is next to impossible because melie meal starts with farmers who have to invest to harvest maize which they have to sell at a profit. Millers buy maize from farmers to make profit through the selling of melie meal to retailers who will also sell to consumers at a profit. So where does HH come in to reduce the price of melie meal for the consumers?

HH need to be more detailed to convince the middle class who will not be swayed by cheap political rhetoric.


Maureen Mwanawasa with HH

Former First Lady Maureen Mwanawas has now thrown her weight behind opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

Mrs Mwanawasa was the surprise guest at the unveiling of Hakainde Hichilema as the party’s flag bearer in the forth coming Presidential By-elections slated for 20th January 2015 at Lusaka’s Golden Bridge Hotel.

Others who have crossed the floor include former MMD National Chairman Micheal Mabenga and veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga who could be seen at the gathering.

Another Injunction Against the PF General Conference

KBFTHE ruling Patriotic front (PF) has been dragged to court again by another member, Francis Fube Mulenga who is this time seeking an injunction to restrain the party from convening the general conference.

Mr Mulenga claims that the convention should not go ahead on grounds that the nomination process of filing presidential application letters by some aspiring candidates had been marred with irregularities.

He stated that the ruling party should be restrained from convening the general conference scheduled for November 28, this year because the process was breached in accordance with Article 52 of the party Constitution.

He said the filing process was not followed as required by the party Constitution as the aspiring candidates were all made to file before the Acting President instead of the party General Secretary as had been the trend.

In his affidavit filed at the Lusaka High Court Registry on Friday, Mr Mulenga asked the court to call for fresh filing in of nominations before the general secretary or the deputy to ensure that the party was not inconvenienced. In this matter, Mr Mulenga had sued Bridget Atanga as general secretary of the party in which he is seeking an interim injunction to restrain the party from going to the convention until the determination of the matter.

He said Article 52 of the Constitution gives powers to the central committee to scrutinise the applications of aspiring presidential candidates and not the Acting President which was the case now. Mr Mulenga said after the scrutiny, the central committee was then expected to recommend the names of those eligible to contest to the National Council for them to take to the general conference and not any other committee.

Lusaka High Court Judge-in-Charge Isaac Chali in conduct of the matter has since set November 24, 2014 this year as the date for hearing.

Will the party manage to successfully choose it’s Presidential candidate with all these injunctions that have started?

Is Dr. Kaseba grieving or benefiting out of Sata’s death?

Opening Parliament 1

When late President Sata was opening Parliament he referred to his wife as “hell” though she had kept him alive. The Members of Parliament busted into laughter at this comment, however, there could be something personal that the President was communicating.

With the unfolding events particularly the desire of Dr. Kaseba for Presidency a few days after his (Sata) burial, a number of questions are being asked as to whether her move is prudent. A number of people have looked at the issue from different point of view. Different interpretations of cultural values have been made by various women interests groups. Generally those who have spoken in public have given excuses ranging from evolution of culture, women rights, saving the PF party, and so on and so forth.

Sata’s first cousin, Emma Chibesakunda who has been acting as the mouth piece of Dr. Kaseba (she is the one that read a farewell letter of Dr. Kaseba at the funeral) said the following:

22.11.2014“Let the Zambian people judge her for the decision. If she fails to be elected, that is up to the Zambian people. She wants to hold the family together, she wants to hold the nation together. She has been crying terribly, even just a few minutes ago she was crying and she will not stop, she will mourn her husband forever. You people need to stop abusing her. No one has the right to abuse her. She suffered a lot with her husband to build that party and she has been forced to stand up and say I can’t see the things that we built with my husband be torn to pieces,” she said.

“When one member of the family dies, the family members after they have buried come together to know how their member of the family died. This is what we call isambo lyamfwa and the wife is asked to explain how the death came about. One of the things produced during the ceremony is the clothes of the deceased. If the person who died is an elderly person, there is another step that we take known as ukupyanika. There is no specific period to do this. In those days we used to delay isambo lyamfwa but nowadays, we do it immediately after we bury because of so many deaths occurring in our families.”   (

The reasons being advanced don’t seem convincing in any way. In fact most of these women are even contradicting the statements and counsel they have given in the past.

Death is one of the most devastating events that we all go through. Of course this differs from one person to another and the relationship to the deceased. The closer you are to the person who has died the more scourging it is to deal with death. It may be easier to deal with the death of a distant acquaintance than if a close and loved one dies.  

The death of a spouse can be the most devastating event especially if you have lived together for some time, have children and love each other.

Psychologists have said that the loss of a spouse is one of the most serious threats to health, well-being, and productivity that most people encounter during their lives (see M. S. Stroebe, Hansson, Stroebe, & Schut, 2001b, for a review), although there is considerable variability in responses to loss (e.g., Bonanno et al., 2002).

Even if the death of your spouse was expected, you go through a period of intense shock, grief, and loss. Often, your body manifests the physical symptoms of anxiety, depression or fear. According to Dr. Elizabeth Harper Neeld of Legacy Connect, it’s important to take care of your physical and mental health after the death of a spouse. A person grieving may experience the following:

Increased Adrenaline

An increase in adrenaline is one of the characteristics of the “fight or flight” response to a crisis, reports Dr. Elizabeth Harper Neeld in her article “Physical Stress of grieving”, and the loss of your spouse can provoke this type of panic. This type of adrenaline spike can cause accelerated heartbeat; a tingling feeling in the fingers or lips; and involuntary shakiness of the limbs, hands or entire body. These symptoms can be very disturbing and uncomfortable to the sufferer and are difficult to resolve because there is no real physical “threat” to be confronted or avoided.


Another common biological manifestation of grief and loss is physical exhaustion, reports Funeral Plan. Exhaustion may be the result either of insomnia, which is a very frequent occurrence among grieving spouses, or depression. You may find that you’re sleeping too much and still very tired throughout the day. It may be that this symptom will pass, or you may benefit from an antidepressant medication.

Digestive Problems

According to Dr. Elizabeth Harper Neeld in her article “Physical Stress of Grieving,” issues with eating as well as other digestive problems can emerge after the death of a spouse. A lack of appetite is quite common among those adjusting to a loss, and you may also experience some problems digesting food you do manage to eat. Some of these digestive problems may include trouble swallowing due to a constricted esophagus, nervous stomach, ulcers, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea.

Emotional Numbness

One of the most common emotional effects of grief doesn’t feel particularly “emotional” at all, reports Funeral Plan. Particularly in the beginning stages of grief, you may feel detached from your life, as though in a dreamlike state. This feeling results from the shock of your grief. The amount of time a person stays in this numb phase varies by individual. Your body and mind are reacting to protect you, since assimilating the full reality of your loss at once would be too painful.


Sadness is the most common emotion associated with death, but anger is another frequent feeling that is not often talked about. You may irrationally become angry at your spouse for “abandoning” you, or you may be angry with yourself for ways in which you disappointed your spouse in life. All of this is normal and natural, but if you find that you are having trouble getting past your feelings of anger, you may benefit from talking to a therapist. 

Why do grieving people go through the above emotional and physical stress?

One reason why the loss of a spouse can have such a powerful impact on well-being is that it can deprive the bereaved person’s life of meaning. They fail to make sense of the event or find value or benefit in the experience.

The bereaved individuals often feel a bond with the deceased that can continue for decades (e.g., Shaver & Tancredy, 2001). This continuing sense of connection does not necessarily indicate poor adjustment to loss but a normal reaction to loss (Bonanno, Wortman, & Nesse, 2004; Klass, Silverman, & Nickman, 1996). The bereaved hold many affectively charged representations of the lost spouse and of the spouse in interaction with the self. A priming of one of these memories activates emotions that are difficult to ignore hence the physical and emotional manifestation of grief.

Essentially grieving is partly a matter of bumping up against these thoughts and feelings over a period of months or years and acknowledging both their affective charge and their inadequacy as representations of current reality (Shaver & Tancredy, 2001, p. 72).

How long does it take to grief?

KasebaThe time to grief varies among different people depending on who has died, but certainly with a spouse who was loved, it usually takes longer. Psychologists who have done some studies have come up with different results but mostly it is not less than six months.

However it has also been revealed that the time can be very short if the spouse was not loved or they had difficulties such that the surviving spouse find the death of the deceased an chance to get on with life. A bereaved may also quickly move on with life if the death of the spouse is not actually a loss but a gain or an opportunity to benefit something.

Is Dr. Kaseba grieving or benefiting out of Sata’s death?

This is the answer you have to give depending on your observations.

Guy Scott Hits Back

After his suspension yesterday, Guys Scott hits back by suspending the following members of the Central Committee; Inonge Wina, Benson Chali, Rasford Mwale, Fabian Chiposo, John Chipanga, Malozo Shichone, Willy Nsanda, James Kapyanga, Obvious Chisala, Steven Kampyongo, Jean Kapata, Mwenya Musenga, Dr. Joseph Katema and Lazarous Chisanga.

Meanwhile a member of central committee meeting has been called at State House by Guy Scott.

However, the other group of PF members have called an emergency meeting this afternoon probably to discuss the way forward after the suspension of their friends by Scott.

With they way things are going, it is highly unlikely that we will have elections on 20th January 2015.

Introducing Dr. Dan Pule your Presidential candidate

Dan Pule Dr. Dan Pule must be about 58 years old. Dr Pule was initially married to an American woman called Janet for 23 years before the couple divorced in 2007. 

He founded Dunamis Christian Centre and Trinity Broadcasting Corporation (TBN) Zambia chapter. TBN Zambia was very popular and he had a huge following. He is a charismatic preacher with a talent to be able to compose songs as he is preaching.

He was inspired to join politics and FTJ Chiluba rewarded him with an appointment as Deputy Minister of Finance. However things started crumbling when he strayed in seeking women pleasure.

He gave an excuse of his desires that his children with the American woman could never take up leadership positions such as the presidency in Zambia because of the foreign blood. Therefore, he was desirous to have children with an indigenous Zambian woman.

The Preacher man took up a young lady called Leah Mulemba, 25 years his junior, in 2008. Leah was what you may call a “very active lady”. They had one child but Dr. Pule wanted a DNA test done on the child.

Dan Pule in whiteShortly after, Dr Pule shocked the nation when he appeared in the local media during a colourful wedding ceremony with Leah, he was summoned to a police station in Lusaka to answer to charges related to bigamy. He alleged to have married another wife before divorcing Leah. 

Dr Pule held a private wedding where pictures were not allowed but he was shocked to find himself on the front page of a local tabloid. He was clad in a white suit marrying again! He was marrying 43 year old widow Tamara Mwape. 
It seemed like Dr Pule and Tamara have been seeing each other for some time before Tamara’s husband died in hospital. The preacher man was praying for Tamara’s husband before his demise.
During the press conference, Dr Pule said this was his last marriage.

Last year he founded the Christian Democratic Party. He said the Christian Democratic Party was formed with the goal of promoting democracy and enhancing people’s electoral rights.

Dr Pule said the party, which has been founded on Christian values, will ensure that it promotes biblical teachings.

“This party is exciting because it is founded on biblical principles but we shall embrace all other people,” he said.

Dr Pule also said his political ambitions will not disturb his work as a preacherman because he has served in Government and has been a political leader before.

Dr. Pule has not been very active in politics; he is more of a seasonal political player. Zambians make up your mind and choose your leader. We wish Dr. Dan Pule all the best.


Guy Scotts

Today Dr. Guy Scott will have daunting task of leading all the Presidential candidates for PF. There are 10 candidates who will have to choose amongest themselves who will be PF president and stand for Republican Presidency.

The question is how will these aspirants give it up for one of them when they all want the top post?

The candidates are:

1. Dr Christine Kaseba (Former First Lady)

2. Mulenga Sata (Lusaka Mayor)

3. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (Kasama MP)

4. Chishimba Kambwili (Minister of Sports, Youth)

5. Miles Sampa (Deputy minister of Commerce)

6. Edgar Lungu (Minister of Justice, Defence)

7. Seleman Banda (former High Commissioner)

8. Robert Sichinga (Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry)

9. Wylbur Simuusa (Minister of Agriculture)

10. Given Lubinda (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs)


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