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GBM Vs Kabimba Punch-ups

The fight erupted between Kabimba and GBM Camps after a group believed to be suporting GBM assembled at Northmead Market to organise a Demonstration against Post Newspaper Editor-In-Chief Fred M’membe.
City Market and Lusaka District Chairman Goodson Banda’s Office are some of the places that have attacked with damages. Police have since sealed off Banda’s Office. Northmead Market is believed to be under a PF Councillor who is in Kabimba’s Camp.The attackers are a GBM group of Thugs from Intercity. 
Meanwhile, Kabimba’s has gone to mobilize Chibolya Boys …..Now GBM camp is looking for Lusaka Province Youth and Acting Chairman Kennedy Kamba.

Now a Group of Youths with pangas are matching to State House to protest.






A. Introduction

Committed Patriotic Front (PF) members across the country have continued to express their confidence in the leadership of His Excellency President Michael Chilufya Sata. President Sata is leading an ambitious and successful national economic development programme with Zambia experiencing unprecedented economic growth, infrastructure development like the Link Zambia 8000, new hospitals, schools and universities which have translated in public and private sector job creation. So, we unambiguously endorse President Sata as PF’s sole candidate for 2016. 

B. Our call for endorsements is a Call for Unity

Our calls to endorse President Sata as PF’s sole candidate for 2016 will guarantee unity in PF under his able leadership. We expected all PF members and colleagues in Government to welcome this call but sadly vicious attacks came from some in PF and Fred M’membe’s Post Newspaper, not from Opposition parties. The Post Newspaper is busy discrediting President Sata’s endorsements by maliciously targeting my personality and the business I’ve worked to build all my life through hard work, sweat and toil. Zambians must reject the Post Newspaper’s malicious plan to impose their anointed puppets to take over from President Sata. 

C. What President Sata’s 2016 Endorsement Campaign focuses on

The endorsement drive will guarantee victory for PF in 2016 since President Sata is very popular nationwide. Sadly, the Post Newspaper has waged a vicious war to paint this campaign “black” because their interests are threatened. There is only one camp in PF – the one led by President Sata who needs our daily support. PF members must therefore not be victimized for openly supporting President Sata. 

D. Substance of the Endorsement versus Politics of Personalities

Endorsements are a vote of confidence in President Sata’s visionary leadership. My appeal to PF members including those with hidden agendas sponsored by Fred M’membe’s Post Newspaper is that endorsing President Sata’s sole candidacy doesn’t warrant vilifying and victimization of the proponents. 

E. Conclusion

Let’s engage in a civil and democratic debate. President Sata is leading and we all remain inadequate for President. PF will not accept self-imposed “feeble” messiahs sponsored by their masters at the Post Newspaper. We call on all PF members and citizens from branches, wards, constituencies, districts, provinces and national structures of the party to openly endorse President Sata’s sole candidacy for 2016.

Media Statement

Johannesburg, 19 August 2013 – Global civil society alliance, CIVICUS, and the Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) are alarmed at attacks on the independence of the NGO sector and the media in Zambia. 

The Zambian government is starting to implement a controversial 2009 NGO law by requiring all NGOs to re-register. The NGO law creates a difficult environment for civil society as highlighted by CIVICUS in its letter to former President Rupiah Banda. This includes the requirement for NGOs to be subjected to oversight by a government dominated Board; government powers to dictate NGOs thematic and geographical areas of work; streamlining of NGOs’ work according to the objectives dictated in the National Development Plan; and increased red tape through mandatory re-registration every five years . 

“Freedom of expression and the right to criticise the government is under severe threat in Zambia at present. A number of NGOs are concerned that government’s directive calling upon all NGOs to re-register under the law will be used as a tool to subject outspoken advocacy organisations to bureaucratic harassment,” said Lewis Mwape of ZCSD.

In July 2013 alone, three journalists associated with the online news platform, Zambian Watchdog, which has exposed a number of official corruption scandals, were subjected to politically motivated arrests and harassment by law enforcement agencies. The charges have varied from “possession of military documents” to possession of “obscene material” to “sedition”, in what are widely viewed as reprisals for their independent and critical reporting. According to an independent news source, access to the Zambian Watchdog and Zambia Reports in Zambia has been blocked.  

“The situation in Zambia is fast deteriorating. The wanton targeting of activists and journalists is shocking,” said David Kode of CIVICUS. “Zambia’s neighbours, trading and development partners must engage President Sata’s government to stop the crackdown on democratic rights in the country.”  

CIVICUS and ZCSD urge the government of Zambia to (i) respect its human rights obligations by suspending the implementation of the NGO Law and amending it in consultation with civil society (ii) guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of all journalists and representatives of the media and (iii) end all forms of discrimination and harassments against journalists and all citizens with opposing views on national matters.


Notes to editors:

CIVICUS was founded in 1993 and is dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world, especially in areas where participatory democracy and citizens’ freedom of association are challenged. 

Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) is an Umbrella of NGOs whose objective is to promote vibrant, independent and well coordinated civil society organisations in Zambia.  ZCSD is committed “to enhance the operation and enabling environment of civil society and promote Citizens Participation in political, economic, social, cultural and development activities  for improved accountability, transparency and service delivery to all citizens“. 


Calls to ascertain President Sata’s fitness to rule unfounded

Reported by Lusaka Times.

A Non Governmental Organization advocating for human rights and justice, Zambian Voice has described as uncalled for calls by the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) that independent doctors carry out medical tests to ascertain whether president Michael Sata is fit to rule the country.

Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says it does not make sense to institute a group of doctors to ascertain the health of the republican president as he is not bed ridden.

Mr. Tayali notes President Sata has been already seen in public walking and therefore he clearly does not need to be subjected to such a treatment.

Mr. Tayali has advised the UPND to instead concentrate on matters that will help improve the lives of the people in the country as opposed to making unnecessary calls which may end up alarming the nation.

The Zambia Voice Executive Director was speaking in an interview with Qfm.

Hon. M. Sampa Vs GBM



I wish to unconditionally comment on Hon. Sampa and GBM recent squabbles. Today’s (23/08/13) Post News paper head line is disheartening, bizarre and indeed to say the least lacks respect of the elders.  Hon. Sampa, comes from a well natured back ground with parents who cherish culture and tradition. Where he (Hon. Sampa) comes from they say “ KWAPA TACHILA KUBEYA”………………meaning if you are younger than your colleague by age…there is no way you would force years to match with your colleague. Hon. GBM is much older in age, and everything else except education back ground which has made Hon. Sampa brag and call GBM names. However, academic KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM should not be mixed, we need wisdom to govern NOT academic knowledge which subsequently cause us NOT to respect elders. I hope and pray that Hon. Sampa apologizes to GBM and continue working as a team.  

(From our email articles)

Election of R. Mugabe a Lesson for Zambian Opposition Parties


Some political analysts, critics, haters, losers and others have refused to accept the 7th re-election of African eldest leader Dr. Robert Gabriel Mugabe.  So many allegations have been brought against Bob and his party to discredit the 31st July 2013 elections.  However, facts and logic dispel the theories of allegations.

The Final results show that Bob poured 2,110,434 (61.9%) while the International darling Morgan Tsvangirai got 1,172,349 (33.94%). Presidential escorts like Welshman Ncube managed to snatch 92,637 (2.68%); Dabengwa Dumiso 25,416 (0.74%) and Mukwazhe Munodei Kisinoti 9,931 (0.29%).

The head of African Union mission observers declared the election free and fair.  Olusegun Obasanjo, said his monitors noted some apparent irregularities but that they did not constitute evidence of systematic tampering. The loudest allegation is that of defranchizing about 1 million voters. But  if you apply logic of probability, it would be difficult to upset the results even if the you split the 1 million voters between Bob and Tswangarai at 50% each.

The Parliamentary results also give another evidence of the popularity of the parties in Zimbabwe.


With the results as shown above, it’s really difficult to argue in favour of our Trade unionist. It is therefore sensible to accept that Mugabe won the election fair and square. However, this is not to endorse him as a good leader. Several factors would point to the fact that Zimbabwe could be better without Mugabe at this point in time. The question would be, can Zim be better off with Tswangirai? Why did Tswangirai fail to convince the Zimbabweans to vote for him like Zambians voted for President M. C. Sata in 2011? If Zimbabweans overwhelming voted for Tswangirai, the defranchised few would not have prevented him from getting to Plot 1. The man failed to take advantage of the many problems that Zimbabwe has been going through, by identifying himself with those problems as a messiah for the Nation. He thought it was automatic for the people of Zimbabwe to vote for him because Mugabe has brought them where they are. Yes, people had problems, but did they see solutions in Tswangirai? Definitely not, otherwise he would have had a landslide victory of FTJ Chiluba in 1991 in Zambia.

The International Community declared war against Bob and thought, whichever person gets the courage to challenge Bob would go through. They assumed that, their emotions against Mugabe would be transposed on the Zimbabweans so they would vote through them to remove him. They forgot that, their issues against Bob are totally different from the issues of the Zimbabweans who have the power to vote.

Zambian oppositions should learn from Zimbabwe. Political leadership in a democracy, does not come by default. By the fact that you see the prices of fuel, melie meal and other essential commodities going up and Sata not having a Press Conference, does not mean that since you are the leader of one of the popular opposition party, you will go to State House whenever there will be elections in Zambia. If people don’t see you as a man who understands their problems and want to change their lives, you will ever be contesting elections and always come out second or third. Going to buy Kapenta at the market does not make people identify you as one of them. You have to go down naturally not stage acts as if you are acting Kabana soup opera.

It is inevitable to court the International Community because Zambia is not an Island, but remember, they don’t vote. Instead of taking reports of how you have been beaten by cadres, take investment ideas which will make Zambia have hope that when you come in power, their economy will improve.

GBM – Frog out of the Water


There is an idiomatic phrase which says, “When you see a Frog coming out of the Waters, then there must be danger”. The endorsement of President Sata for 2016 is not just an empty ranting of a man in the wilderness. GBM must be coming out of the waters to warn us that, something is amiss in PF. GBM is a senior member of PF who has invested a lot in the party. It is not logical for him to destabilize the organization he has worked so hard to put in power this early in its rule. The defense Minister is also a loyal and close person to the President, so his natural instinct is to protect his brother and senior man. GBM is a successful business man who cannot be insulted with the inability to count years between now and 2016. The man knows that 2016 is not coming tomorrow, so why anticipate it at this point in time. The question is, what is in the waters that this frog is warning us of?

Those that have seen PF from day-one know who have been with Sata all the way and those that joined the Party on the way when things started looking promising. Unfortunately some of these people have come in the party and started claiming a Lions share, taking the ownership in the pretext of building PF, hoodwinking Sata that they are the loyal and hardworking members of the Party.  They have manipulated Sata to the point that, the man has lost his identity and what PF stands for. Many people supported Sata as a man of the people but how come this man is nowhere among his people, instead you have this guy in dark glasses masquerading as “MR. PF”, pushing everyone around.   This is the man who broke the PF-UPND pact because he released that, with HH next to Sata he would have had no chance.

After, the elections, he has tried to sideline all the PF old members and replaced them with his minions to pave way for his grand entry to that high office. Who kicked out Mumba Kapumpa away from Sata? Why was Sebastian Zulu shown the door by Sata? GBM himself was almost thrown out through the window had it not been for his heavy weight. Where is Given Lubinda, a man that brought so many people to PF and has pledged loyalty to Sata in thick and thin? Dr. Effron Lungu thought he was a favored one not knowing that, they just wanted him to feel up the space. Dr. E. Lungu is now praying to God that, these political mischiefs get to pay within six months (what does he mean?). Why is Sata holding on to Chibesakunda as Chief Justice? Why has Sata u-turned on his promises, like on the Constitution? How much in control is Sata of the so many things happening in this Country including the issues of suffocating alternative views? Do you think Sata is threatened by any politician in this Country at his best? In a nut shell, it looks like the King Cobra has lost the venom we have known it for. Someone has neutralized the King Cobra and he is slowly pushing it back in the hole so that it can be buried in there.

GBM has seen this danger and he wants to wake up his beloved and inspirer big man, as if to say, “Get up man!! You can do it!! You can even go past 2016. Don’t let these Vultures finish you”. Mr. Mwamba being so close to Sata has seen what many of us are not privileged to, the boar is leaking the King and he is about to be swallowed him and he is alerting us to protect him in spite of   whatever you think of him because this beast seem too dangerous and lethal. HH might not be as craft to kill this beast. Nevers Mumba has issues to sort out and might be so easy to crash. Chipimo is too smart to play these dirty games. ‘Fr.’ Frank Bwalya has identity crisis to confront anyone boldly. It’s only the King Cobra, at the moment that can put down this beast but this can only happen if our King’s head is standing to strike. May the Lord Bless Mother Zambia.

What does the Barotse Agreement Say – Read it Again

What does the Barotse Agreement Say – Read it Again

It is strange that this document has become so contentious over the years. Surely the best thing the Govt should do is to sit down and discuss the content of this document to find a way forward. This is not a document which should bring chaos in our Country. Dialogue is the solution to this  impasse not arm-twisting of each other.

Dora Siliya & 2 others Vs ECZ from inside the Court


In our quest to witness to the Truth and repeat it to others, we have followed the case where the ECZ disqualified Ms Siliya (Petauke Central), Mr Mwale (Malambo) and Mr Sililo (Mulobezi) from re-contesting their seats when the Supreme Court nullified their election. The case took place in the Conference Room (acting as Chambers of Judge Mulenga due to space) at first floor of the High Court before a humble Judge (Mugeni Mulenga).

Judge Mulenga is such a calm and simple Judge. She was surrounded by over 20 Lawyers with only one woman Lawyer. One would think she would be intimidated by the roaring legal men battling it out to win her over, but she sat there calmly with a silent smile flashing out her authority, as if saying “I know the Truth, you can’t fool me”.

The Attorney General looked somewhat surprised to have been dragged in this legal and wanted the way out, so he filed in preliminary issues basically asking the Court to throw case away. He contended that the Court should not have entertained the trio’s case because it is a “misconception” and “abuse of court process” since they are based on the perceived lack of compliance with the provisions of section 22 and 104 of the Electoral Act. “The court is being asked to act on speculation and conjecture,” Mr Malila argued in court papers. He wondered whether the application for judicial review is not in fact premature since legal challenges in electoral matters can only be brought after an election and also given that no decision has been taken by any public body or officer to bar the applicants from filing in their nominations. “Does press statements by public relations officer of the judiciary, and the letter of the acting registrar of the High Court of Judicature and a statement by ECZ referred to in the notice containing statement in Support of an Ex parte application for leave to apply for judicial review, constitute in law a decision assailable through judicial review?” questioned the State Advocate.

Mr. Malila also want to know whether having regard to the fact that none of the applicants is specifically mentioned in the statements construed as decisions by the applicants, adding  that the court had the ratione materiae to proceed further to hear the matter.

“We submit that this court has no jurisdiction to entertain an application to direct action against makers of general statements which do not specify the applicants and pray that the applicant’s application be dismissed with costs.”

The Applicants could not hit back on the Attorney Generals arguments but promised to respond by 23rd August 2013. However they were ready to tear into pieces the affidavit of our Justice Minister W. Kabimba. According to a notice sworn by W Kabimba as the S. General of the PF, the party feels it should join the matter because having petitioned several by-elections which included Petauke Central, Malambo and Mulobezi, it had expended considerable human and financial resources following their nullification.
But zealous lawyers of the trio, who seem so passionate and determined, argued that the PF had wrongly commenced its application to join the proceedings.
They submitted that any application in a judicial review matter should be commenced under section 53 of the Rules of the Supreme Court and not the High Court Act under which it had been brought by the PF.
“They are mischief makers. That is all they are after,” said one of the Lawyers. “They brought the application under the wrong law.”

They also argued that Mr. Kabimba did not have locus standii to be part of the proceedings.

“They cannot be party to this hearing because they have failed to demonstrate the effect the decision this court will have on them. They have failed to demonstrate whether they have a legal right that will be violated if they are not included in the matter,” said the lawyers.

The Lawyers submitted that Mr. Kabimba and the PF had failed to demonstrate to the court their interest in the matter, adding that in order for the applicants to be joinders they should have clearly stated on what basis they were doing that.

The lawyers also wanted to know in what capacity Mr. Kabimba wanted to be party to the proceedings when the outcome of the court action would not have any effect on the PF and its candidates.

The lawyers argued that the application by Mr. Kabimba lacked legal procedures.

Rejecting the application the lawyers asked, “A jointar for what? Which side is he on? What effect will the court action have on himself?” This application is wrongly brought before this court, he has used a wrong procedure and it is mischievous and total abuse of the court process. This should be dismissed with costs.”

The Lawyers submitted that the Patriotic Front (PF) party had developed phobia and fear that if the three parliamentary candidates contested in the forth coming by-elections they (PF) would lose.

In response the Lawyers for Mr. Kabimba insisted to the court, in a rather cold way, that the PF had expended considerable human and financial resources, “Our main argument like we have submitted in the application is that the Patriotic Front has expended considerable human and financial resources and for that we are on firm grounds at law to seek this court to give us a joinder because the outcome has an effect on the PF.”

The ECZ on the other hand did not object the Patriotic Front’s intention to join the matter. The ECZ submitted that the report of the court on corrupt practices or illegal practices had grave consequences and exposed a person thus named to criminal sanctions.
Ms. Isaacs stated that not only does such a report lead to the unseating of a member of parliament for a period of five years but that it also prohibits a person so named from registering as a voter for the same period.

After a long legal tag-of war between the two sides Judge Mulenga softly chipped-in to set August 23 as ruling date on the PF’s application to join the proceedings, and
September 4 for judgment in the judicial review application matter and the preliminary issues raised by the Attorney General.

Where are we on Youth Literacy?

Youth Literacy Rate

Youth literacy rate (%) is the total number of people age 15 to 24 years who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement on their everyday life, divided by the population in that age group. Generally, ‘literacy’ also encompasses ‘numeracy’, the ability to make simple arithmetic calculations.

According to World Bank survey of 2010 survey some African Countries scored recorded the following rates:


Country Name

1 Libya 100
2 Zimbabwe 99
3 Equatorial Guinea 98
4 Gabon 98
5 Mauritius 97
6 Botswana 95
7 Swaziland 94
8 Namibia 93
9 Kenya 93
10 Lesotho 92
11 Eritrea 89
12 Egypt, Arab Rep. 88
13 Uganda 87
14 Malawi 87
15 Sudan 87
16 Ghana 81
17 Burundi 78
18 Rwanda 77
19 Tanzania 77
20 Liberia 77
21 Zambia 74
22 Angola 73
23 Nigeria 72
24 Guinea-Bissau 72
25 Mozambique 72
26 Papua New Guinea 68
27 Cote d’Ivoire 67
28 Gambia, The 67
29 Central African Republic 65
30 Congo, Dem. Rep. 65
31 Guinea 63
32 Sierra Leone 59
33 Benin 55
34 Chad 47
35 Mali 44

Govt Back Off from ECZ and other Constitutional Bodies

Image      Dora Vs ……   Image

Image Wynter larger than…Image


A lot of citizens applauded the ECZ for allowing M’tolo Phiri to stand in the Chipata Central by-elections. The Govt particularly the PF complained after losing the seat but ECZ stood their ground to defend their stance. However, pressure was mounted the more on ECZ so that they could do what Govt wanted – nullify the seat. Govt carried the day by somehow influencing the Judiciary to make a statement through its spokes person. Subsequently, nomination day was postponed  from the 9th August 2013 to 12th August 2013 by ECZ. Later it was announced that Dora Siliya, Maxwell Mwale and Hastings Sililo will not be accepted as candidates for Petauke Central, Malambo  and Mulobezi constituencies respectively. The trio have now sort judicial review for the Court to interpret Section 22 as read together with the provisions of 104 (6) and (7) of the Electoral Act number 12 of 2006. This has inevitably put the by-elections process on ice till the legal battles are over in Courts.

Following the injunction, the Justice Minister has gone on rampage issuing disparaging remarks against ECZ and calling for their professional blood. From the minister’s remarks, it’s highly probable that senior people in ECZ will not last long in their positions. This is rather unfortunate to the independency of our constitutional bodies. Their autonomy is thrown to the dogs to be eaten up with impunity. If the Justice Minister can’t protect these institutions, who will? The Judiciary is also muzzled that it is difficult to confidently get that Justice we so much thirsty for especially in such cases where Govt throws in all their weight to protect their interest.

We do not condone corruption hence we would not want to usher people cited of the same vice into political offices. However barring of such people should be done in accordance with the law. People should not be removed from political race out of intimidation and malice. We appreciate the pain of loss which the PF just underwent recently and definitely they would not want to go through the same so soon but that is democracy which we have fought for. It’s actually predictable that the opposition stands a better chance in these by-elections but that should not be a recipe for ransacking the nation to upset the political obvious results.

There is need for the Govt, especially the Justice Minister (if he is worthy his sort) to respect independent institutions and desist from intimidating them just because PF is in power. Professionals working in public service need to also stand their grounds to defend their professions and the Constitution with integrity.

What is happening in the Country presents an opportunity for the opposition to sell themselves as better Govts in-waiting.

For the citizens, it is time to wake up and never to trust politician but always offering check and balances to those elected in offices. Zambia has overcome a number of challenges and the current ECZ issue is nothing to beat us, we will get over this and take on other challenges. God bless you.


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