My Assault

Thanks for all of you who have sympathized with me when I was assaulted by UPND cadres. I also lost two phones and a wallet which contained various IDs and K700. The Wallet was later brought to the police station by some UPND cadres without the money.

I found myself at Cresta Golfview Hotel where the UPND were holding a Press Briefing to explain how their votes were stolen from them in the just ended 20th January 2015 Presidential elections.

The Zambian Voice did monitor the voting and the dissemination of results. The report is yet to be compiled because we want to take into consideration all issues arising from the whole process such as the ones UPND were raising on that day 26th January 2015.

A lot of people have been asking for our action against the UPND. We are considering an appropriate action which is free of emotions but befitting our laws and the values we espouse which is JUSTICE AND TRUTH in such a situation.

It should be borne in the mind of all political players that they can not silence the voice using anarchy and thuggery. Our fight, especially for the poor, is relentless and we are willing to pay whatever price to bring JUSTICE and EQUITY in our Country. Zambia belongs to all citizens not just the privileged few who are put in-charge to administer our resources.

As the founder of the organization I am motivated by the love of Jesus for humanity. If Jesus died for the Truth why should I fear what man can do as his follower. I am never malicious in my actions even when it pains so much like right now when I am nursing a right shoulder and body pains from the beatings I sustained from a political party that wants to rule the people of Zambia.

I love my brothers and sisters in whatever colour, tribe, religious belief or political affiliation. We will issue a statement when we have consulted and decided on the course of action. Meanwhile the police are doing their investigations.

God bless Zambia.


Zambia’s First Woman Vice President

Inonge Wina swearing in

Inonge Wina swearing in as Vice President by H.E. Edgar Lungu

By Louis Mwape

THE appointment of Inonge Wina as the first-ever female Republican Vice President of Zambia has elated the women folk and all Zambians at large.

Albeit we have acclaimed women of credentials in Zambia, vis-à-vis Mizinga Melu, Professor Nkandu Luo, Edith Nawakwi and many more, but none in the political arena has ever soared so high. Most women could never have imagined not even in their wildest dreams that a woman was well-capable of becoming Vice President.

No doubt the appointment has inspired a lot of confidence in the women folk especially they are finally climbing up the political ladder where they have often been bottom placed.

Inonge Wina with Edgar LunguThe President-elect in his speech during appointments for cabinet ministers said that he has had confidence in Madam Wina as she has been there to unite the Patriotic Front, even when it was almost crumbling down.

Not only that but most women have described her as a hard-working and level-headed person who deserves such an appointment. Former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa explained that she has always admired Madam Inonge’s character and she has since pledged to work with her.

Madam Inonge Wina was born in the year 1941 in Senanga, Western Province. She has been an instrumental character in the Zambian women affairs as well as politics.

In 1996, she was National Chairperson for Non-governmental Coordinating Council (NGOCC). In 2001, she contested the Nalolo Parliamentary seat in Western Province which she won and in 2011, she recontested and won again.

In the same year 2011, she was appointed as National Chairperson for the Patriotic Front by the late President Michael Chilufya Sata, a position still holds. She was also a Gender Minister the portfolio she held until her latest appointment as Vice President.Inonge Wina

In the light of this appointment, to whom which much is given, much is expected and Zambians can only hope that the new Vice President realizes that she has been bestowed with a mammoth task that requires a lot of diligence and integrity. Any blunder or failure will be a great shock and let down not only to women folk but to all the Zambians at large that are looking up to her as the top most role model.

Additionally, the seat of Vice Presidency is the second highest executive office in the land that requires someone with seasoned political acumen to perfectly feet in those shoes.

As a leader of the House in Parliament, she has to do so much to articulate government policies which is no mini challenge.

We only hope that this event will not only be penned down in Zambian history as a record breaking event, but an event that yielded positive results for the women folk and Zambians at large.



Edgar Sworn in 4
By: Mwape Katongo
I must contend every one of us cannot agree more to the fact that, no single Presidential election in Zambia has ever been that tightly contested, not even 2001.
Patriotic Front’s Edgar Chagwa Lungu polled 807,925 votes amounting to 48.33%, whilst his closest rival UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema polled 780,168 votes amounting to 46.67%.
 It was indeed dramatic and perhaps we Zambians should begin to be objective as to why it was so, owing to the fact that the P.F government assumed office barely three years ago. Who ever thought that with the popularity the P.F enjoyed a couple of years ago, it would come to a point where it would suffer a few massive brawls from the UPND?
Firstly, the P.F government is one government that has inspired a double narrative story marred with both good and bad effects. From some robust infrastructure and road development, building of hospitals and high learning institutions and minimum wage, to wage and employment freeze, none deliverance of the constitution to the Zambians and delays to pay farmers in the agriculture sector.
And thus whilst the majority thought it was too soon for the P.F government to be ousted, many on the other hand especially our dearest brothers from the nooks and crannies of this country thought otherwise, and hence those considerable votes for the opposition UPND.
Secondly, one would simply assert that the P.F’s victory hanged by the thread, dismissing earlier speculations and assertions that those stupendous masses of people, that pushed against each other during rallies were not merely there to take a closer glance at the choppers, but conversely they actually got the message whatever it was.
Thirdly, at their own peril will the ruling party pay a blind eye to the fact that UPND’s influence has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. They are indeed a huge political force to reckon with.
Therefore in view of a misconceived sequel to people’s assertions that the P.F government is as popular as it was in 2011, the incumbent President should see to it that the already hushed out sound plans and strategies, as to how they are going to continue winning back the dwindling confidence of most Zambians.
2016 By-elections are just way too near and any form of honeymoon and bickering by the Patriotic Front will merely imperil their chances of easily winning the forth-coming elections.
I am sure most Zambians would like to speculate that the people of Zambia have been let down and the ruling Party cannot continue to “pull a fast one” on them where the enactment of the new constitution is concerned. It will not be right for the powers that be to let billions of kwacha go to waste by reducing that tedious constitution-making process to a mere academic exercise. It will therefore be a plus if this is put as one of their top priorities.
Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula

Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula Minister of Justice

In fact, what is more gladdening is that in his maiden speech the incumbent President, Edgar Lungu bestowed a mammoth on his new Minister of Justice, Dr Ngosa Simbyakula, a task of ensuring that the long awaited constitution is finally delivered to the yearning people of Zambia.
That Presidential gesture is more than welcome and it is our hope as Zambians to see it culminate into a desired action. The major concern of various stakeholders is how well the execution of this process is going to be done. It is high time the government saw to it that this process is transparent and all inclusive, bearing in mind that the people of Zambia are actually the custodian of the constitution and not the cabinet. Suffice to say government should not dictate the terms of this process but it should actually be a citizenry driven process.
The majority of Zambians especially in rural areas place high hopes in the agriculture sector, as their major source of livelihood. However, it is a shame that the FRA under the ministry of Agriculture continue to subject most farmers to unnecessary delays in terms of payments of their benefits. It is of no doubt that the glaring inefficiencies being witnessed in the FRA is a matter of urgency and it should be addressed without delay.
Worse still despite Zambia having been experiencing bumper harvests over the years, tonnes of maize continue going to worst year in and out due to alleged lack of capacity by the agency to contain the situation.
The reason is simple, the government has been negligent enough and consequently the situation has been exacerbated. This is because FRA under the Ministry of agriculture has monopolized the maize market, and there has been no competitors and hence the reluctance. To that effect, there is need for government to level the field by extending an invitation to other players with the capacity to market the staple food.
Consequently and all things being equal, there will be sanity in the agriculture sector and farmers will be accorded that leverage to do business on their terms and conditions. It is such policies by the government that will yield the much needed results that will eventually turn the economy around.
What the newly sworn in Republican President has to say with regard to pronouncements is not something new, but one can only pray that the hopes and aspirations of many Zambian people shall be translated into reality without delay.
To a larger extent fiscal discipline in terms of consistent policies is something that is much needed from the new President and his cabinet. Already the much ambitious plan and roads and infrastructure development has been re-echoed during his inaugural speech, and Zambians most definitely appreciate that. However, so many questions arise with regard to its sustainability considering the fact that these are some of the projects that have gobbled so much money and hence fatiguing the national coffers. It is not just a matter of rolling out plans and building but also a question of providing a clear road map as to how best some projects are going to be done.
Chamber of Mines LogoThe mining industry remain the backbone of Zambia’s economy and the standoff Zambia is currently witnessing with regard to taxes is not something to joke about, as it has massive potential to plunge the nation into an economic crisis. There is great need than never for the government to engage stakeholders in this crucial sector and begin to see how best both sides can benefit. It will be difficult for government to rid-off wage and employment freeze when investors continue to perceive Zambia, as one of the most expensive destinations for investment.
The numbers of graduates from Colleges and Universities has tripled and no doubt they are still tripling. The employment freeze in government is one crucial issue that has left the majority of Zambian youths that are in dire need of where to start from unemployment. Any positive strides towards improving this problem will be more than welcome.
World has changed now and definitely we do not expect government to employ everyone. Nevertheless sound economic and educational policies that will integrate modern skills and entrepreneurship will lessen the burden of escalating unemployment levels.
PF Presidential candidates at Mulungushi
The infighting and the bickering that we witnessed in the Patriotic Front Government after the demise of one Michael Sata was one of the worst political crisis in Zambia. Perhaps lessons drawn from that is that Zambians had to swiftly shift their attention to the then promising and disciplined party-UPND. This can be perceived from how well the UPND have managed to get considerable votes even in their none traditional strongholds: parts of Eastern, Lusaka, Central and Northern Provinces.
Another contributing factor to the opposition UPND making impressive strides is the low voter turnout that characterized the just ended elections. However, it must also be noted that UPND’s most influential stronghold-Southern Province was never short of ecstasy and frenzy it often has whenever their endeared candidate is vying for elctions.Suffice to mention that the ecstasy was tripled this time around, with the ruling P.F almost receiving no votes at all.
As long as the UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema remains the 2016 Presidential candidate by default, the ruling party has so much to prove to the people of Zambia, if they are to have a clear-cut win.
However,a major obstacle for UPND is that many Zambians feel that they have not done much rid-off the nagging tribal mark that has remained. It seems the Sakwiba Sikota saga and those tribal remarks allegedly issued by the then top most officials are still lurking in the minds of many Zambians. UPND is a party that needs massive rebranding and public relations in order to head off that endemic crisis.
Nevertheless, the people of Zambia have spoken and hopefully they have spoken well. As of today, it is done for P.F but the battle is not yet over with the opposition.
And finally without mincing my words, may I just send a big congratulation to the 6th Republican President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Edgar Lungu is Likely to Win Zambia’s Presidential Elections on 20th January 2015

Edger Lungu1

We are almost coming to an end of the political campaigns for the 20th January elections. Our observations are that, most of the candidates have really gone round the Country to campaign. Our democracy has shown growth by the number of people that have been attending political rallies.

However, campaign and the Presidential debate held at Mulungushi has shown that Political parties lack Think Tanks to put together the challenges of the Nation and possible solutions. Political parties need to establish functional Think Tanks within their structures.

This campaign has not brought in a new breathe of policy to overcome some of the challenges we are currently facing, such as how to creation jobs, investor confidence and support, Taxes, Education, farming and Crop marketing, prudent fiscal management, infrastructure development among others.

 Most of the promises being made are what has been promised over the years. As the result we don’t expect a very different voting pattern from what we had in 2011. This election will be highly determined by regional support of the candidates because there are no national policies which would compel electorates to look at the candidates beyond regions.

Voter apathy is also expected to be high due to voting fatigue and despondency.

Provincial Electorates
The contention has also filtered to a two horse run of PF and UPND. Between the two parties, each should weigh its regional support and the number of electorates in those areas to anticipate victory or a humble loss.
There is no need to be overzealous and suspicious, this election can already be seen where it is going if you are realistic and objective.

In as much as PF would have had huge rallies in Southern or Western province, they should not expect collect many votes from there because they have not offered them anything new.

The same goes to UPND, they cannot expect to pour many votes in Eastern Province or Copperbelt based on renewal of promises made by PF.

While PF may have votes in North-west, they cannot expect a majority vote from there. The same can be said of UPND in Northern part of Zambia simply because one rich indigenous politician is campaigning there.

Lots will be cast in Central and Lusaka provinces but it does not look like change is eminent because not enough messages have been given to make people vote for an alternative.

All that is required is to predict the winner in this election is to count the stronghold regions of each party based on 2011 and the number of registered voters in those areas. Anyway the final results will be announced by the Polling officers.

God bless Zambia

Integrity in our Public Leaders

Politician HH

Mr. Hakainde Hichilema

It is important that all persons aspiring for public office exhibit high level of integrity and engagement. All political candidates must be tested in the furnace of positive personal attributes such as truthiness, honest, trustworthiness, warm-heartedness to the people among other good personal qualities.

Unfortunately a number of our political leaders fell short of this. We do not expect them to be angels but human beings who are able to explain themselves whenever their character or actions are questioned.

In November 2013 The Zambian Voice got information from a liable source that Mr. Hikainde Hichilema, was busy negotiating with some foreign power brokers to dislodge the PF from Government after the Death of Michael Chilufya Sata.

There is nothing wrong for any political party to scheme how to replace a ruling party in Government through democratic means, because that is the ultimate objectives of politics.

However, our concern in Mr. Hichilema’s activities was that he was brokering deals with foreigners instead of convincing Zambians who are the main stakeholders. We also learnt that Mr. Hikainde was going to receive a lot of money to fund his political campaigns.

Further we learnt that some of these people whom Mr. Hikainde was talking to were his long business friends whom he has worked with during the Zambia Privatization period. This lead us to some of the Companies that Mr. Hichilama owns shares in.

There is nothing wrong with any Zambian to own as many companies as possible; on the contrary it is encouraged. However, it brings serious suspicions of corruption and abuse if the chief negotiator of the companies being sold on behalf of the Zambians, turns out to be a shareholder in the companies sold.

Out of respect and benefit of doubt, we did not accuse Mr. Hichilema of being a corrupt or a renegade, so we put questions for him to explain himself publicly because this is a national issue, so the people of Zambia need to know the truth.

However, Mr. Hichilema has not explained anything on what deals he cut with the foreigners and how he owns shares in Companies that he was supposed to sell on behalf of Zambians.

Evidence is there to show that Mr. Hichilema sold some of these companies cheaply and he is now a shareholder.

This, therefore makes us cast a dark shadow on Mr. Hichilema’s integrity. And we warn Zambians not to allow such leaders to administer the resources of this Country because in the past they have taken advantage of the Zambian people. We doubt their call to serve the Zambian people; rather they want to serve themselves as they have done in the past.

Steven Masumba

Mr. Steven Masumba with his Unauthentic Certificate

In the same line of integrity, we wish to question the pardoning of Mr. Steven Masumba by Hon. Guy Scott and his going back to Parliament. We would like the speaker to rule on this point as to whether Mr. Masumba a convict should be allowed in Parliament. Does the Presidential pardon cleanse him of his criminal record? Where is integrity in Mr. Masumba to deserve the title of “Honourable”?

Political Funding In Zambia

Presidential candidates2

On 7th December we called for transparency on Political Party funding, unfortunately this message was received with mixed feelings and different point of views. Major political parties especially the Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) decided to hide in safe heavens of the lack of the law to compel them to declare their source of funding.

However, our point of view is morality in politics and the fear of mortgaging the Country indirectly. We believe that no valuable resources rendered to these political parties come for free, especially if it is coming from unscrupulous business entities and individuals.

It is a fact that this campaign has been funded heavily by external forces whose interests are best known by the politicians getting resources from them. Zambians will soon be made to pay for all the choppers that have been hired by various political parties and other resources that have been given in the middle of the night.

Whilst Zambians will be innocently waiting for the winner in the forthcoming elections, foreigners and business entities will be rubbing their hands for what they will receive out of their investment.

We are therefore asking all Zambians to open their eyes soon after elections to see what companies will come to pitch their tents in this Country and who will be getting huge government Contracts. Zambians, especially the Civil Societies, should make sure they never slumber else our wealth will be gone.

Further extensive political funding by foreigners makes the political playing field uneven, giving undue advantage to other political parties who may be benevolent to the Zambian people but have little resources (Like Mr. Mulyokela).

We therefore, look forward to having a law that will compel these politicians to be transparent.


Zambian Voice Logo 2
Let us go and vote for whoever we want in the next elections but remember that we are Zambians before belonging to any political party or supporting whoever.
The next govt will only last 18 months thereafter we will have elections in 2016. It is highly possible that whoever will come into power together with all his aides will go flat-out to loot and pay back whatever they are accruing in this campaign. Therefore we the citizens need to unite especially those that will lose in this election to offer checks and balance so that we don’t give the winners a chance abuse our resources.
It is possible that the losers in this election can come and win 2016 if they unite with the citizens to offer proper censorship on governance. After elections we should all unite to give whoever will win a good run in this 18 months.
The Zambian Voice is looking forward to working with all well meaning Zambians, organizations and the media after January 23rd, 2015 (regardless of how we have differed or names you have called us). We will work with anyone as long as you want to propel the TRUTH and serve the poor Zambians in Justice and peace.

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