Nkomeshya Fuming Over Kabimba’s Dismissal

Chieftainess Nkomeshya of the Soli people is said to be very upset with the recent dismissal of Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister and Patriotic Front Secretary General saying the ruling Patriotic Front does not belong to one tribe only.

A source very close to the Chieftainess has told Zambia Reports that Nkomeshya believes some senior PF officials did not want Kabimba to ascend to the PF top job because he does not belong to their tribe.

“The Chieftainess believes there is serious tribalism in PF behind the scenes. Some people like Willie Nsanda, Yamfwa Mukanga including GBM himself believe that PF is for a certain tribe,” the source said.

The source said Nkomeshya has been making attempts to speak to President Sata but to no avail.

Further, the source said a serious crack in the PF will soon be seen between those from the Bantu Botatwe group and the Kola group.

“Do not be cheated that the PF will not crack. It will, the Solis, Lenjes, Lambas and others considered small tribes like Sala for Kabimba feel as though they are second class party members and those like Bembas and other languages linked to Bemba and may be Easterners think they are first class member,” the source said.

The source said PF senior members like Sylvia Masebo and Geoffrey Chuumbwe may soon start showing signs of resentment towards the party leadership.

“Just wait, for Nkomeshya to complain, it means Masebo is also not happy and you know that Masebo’s influence in the PF can not be under estimated,” the source said.



Given Lubinda Fires at M’membe, “You’re Not Omnipotent”

Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda says Post Newspapers editor Fred M’membe is pushing his weight too far in protecting the fallen Wynter Kabimba.

The former Foreign Affairs Minister also said it was wrong for M’membe to think that he was omnipotent and possessed all wisdom over Zambians.

Lubinda said M’membe seemed to believe that he was the only Zambian with an opinion on others but warned that the hitherto chief PF propagandist will be proved wrong on his misguided support of Kabimba.

Since the once all power PF Secretary General was fired last week, the country has been in a festive mood with only M’membe coming to the aid of Kabimba through editorials that only him seems to believe.

M’membe, who had been propping Kabimba as a front for his presidential ambitions, is still reeling from the shock of seeing his ambitions of installing his friend as possible successor to President Michael Sata go up in flames.

While Zambians have been celebrating, including in M’membe’s own newsroom, the self styled moralist has put up a vain defence of Kabimba while vilifying everyone who is in celebratory mood at the dismissal.

“I think that Fred is pushing his weight far too far. I would like to appeal to him, he is my friend; in the protection of his friend he must be careful not to injure others,” Lubinda said.

“Let him say all the good things about Wynter but he must not say bad things about others either directly or by conjecture.”

He said M’membe was all too happy to print slanderous materials against him but seemed to have pulled all the stops to protect Kabimba.

“There is no one person who is indispensable and I would like to appeal to Fred, Fred is my friend, he has been my friend for many years. When Fred was carrying letters written against Wynter he did not say that about me, that is his preference I have no quarrels,” he said.

He said M’membe will be proved wrong in his individual
Kabimba support.

“But I am sure that within no time Fred M’membe will be proven wrong, who doesn’t know that Wynter Kabimba is the one who caused my dismissal? Who doesn’t know that Wynter Kabimba is the one who created animosity between GBM and the party? Who doesn’t know that Wynter Kabimba was the one who was fighting people in the party and now that things have happened to Wynter Kabimba, Fred M’membe wants to say that people were fighting Wynter and now they are tribalists and corrupt people,” he said.

“Fred must also be a little charitable to others, Fred must not think that he is the omnipotent that he is the one who has the right opinion over others and other people have opinion of things that is not fair Fred.”

Lubinda added: “We know Wynter is your friend, but don’t make all of us look like we are corrupt and only Wynter is incorruptible. I mean there are people like me, I have never been called by the anti corruption commission never, Wynter Kabimba has been a subject of investigation by the Anti Corruption Commission how can Fred today say that Wynter is beyond reproach, I think that Fred is pushing his weight far too far.”

Kabimba was fired last week sparking celebrations across the country with PF cadres taking to the street on Friday to register their approval and also made a stopover at The Post Newspapers where an agitated M’membe had to fire three gunshots in the air to disperse them.

M’membe has labeled the PF members that have long advocated Kabimba’s dismissal as tribalists and corrupt.

Kabimba may have to face up investigators over the oil deal where he was initially interviewed by the Anti Corruption Commission while M’membe who is caught up in the K14 billion debt owed to the Development Bank of Zambia is desperate to install a President who will save him from repaying the public debt which has by now accumulated massive interests.



Antonio MwanzaThere is no country in the world that can guarantee SUSTAINABLE and EQUITABLE development amid BAD GOVERNANCE. Africa is ravaged in poverty amidst boundless oases of natural resources largely due to greed, ignorance, neo-colonialism and BAD GOVERNANCE.

For the last several months Zambians from all walks life have been demanding for the release of the Draft Constitution to no avail. Why has the PF Government remained adamant is simple. To begin with, the Government knows very well that the wider majority of the citizenry do not fully comprehend the link between a Constitution and National Development. Hence they do not see any reason to join the fight to demand for the immediate release of the Draft Constitution.

The quest for a people-driven Constitution has to a larger extent remained a struggle championed by the elite members of our society with very minimal and insignificant involvement of ordinary members of society.

Secondly, the PF Government knows very well that the Civil Societies do not have the numbers nor the resolve to bring the government to its knees. Infact they are aware that for some of the CSOs a protracted struggle for the release of the Draft Constitution is a money-making exercise from donors.

As for the opposition political parties, the failure by PF to stick to its promise on the Constitution renders them ammunition to attack the PF as a lying and morally bankrupt government! To the opposition PF’s failure is there gain.

So far the levels of activism on the fight to have a new Constitution has been low, inconsistent and too timid and ineffective. Look, you cannot make President Sata succumb to people’s demands to release the Draft Constitution by wearing black clothes and green ribbons on fridays. You cannot move Sata to act by honking once in 3 months or by holding prayer meetings once every month or indeed by issuing press statements every week after having meetings in posh hotels.

These activities are NOTHING but sensitization activities and they can not make a hair on Sata’s head move. Only MASS PRESSURE can make Sata bow. The question is, do we have the resolve and strategy to mobilise and rally the people?

Grand Coalition Vows To Get The Constitution Before 2016


Just a day before the close of winter season in Zambia to start a hot summer, the Grand Coalition advocating for a people driven Constitution decided to up the tempo in its advocacy. The Grand coalition celebrated the departure of winter as they did for Mr. Wynter Kabimba. Apparently the similarity in pronunciation, Winter-Wynter extended to the plight of having a new constitution in Zambia.

The conference was attended by representatives from all parts of Zambia. The representatives were made to stand up so that they could be acknowledged.

Fr. Leonard Chiti (SJ), the Chairman of the coalition opened the conference at Mulungushi with a short speech to allow other guest speakers to deliver their messages. Fr. Chiti was quick to express his hope that the departure of Justice Minister  Wynter Kabimba will enable Zambia have a New Constitution.

To set the ball rolling the trade union representative Mr. Mwewa took the podium and sent a clear message that, the workers have resolved and are determined to have the constitution as soon as possible. They vowed to be in front of the civil societies because they have the capacity and constituent to move the whole Country as workers.

The disabled were also represented by one of the grouping leaders, a blind, who expressed how the disabled suffer due to the current constitution which does not give them adequate rights as disabled people. He warned that disability can come to anyone without knocking, therefore the abled must not feel safe with the current constitution.

DSC_0002The women folks were ably represented by NGOCC who delivered a message through the Executive Director Ms. E. Mwale. Ms. Mwale noted that women are the majority of our population and they suffer in different ways due to the current defective constitution. Mrs Lucy Muyoyeta also came in to reinforce the words of Ms. Mwale.

The youths were also represented by two youths (male & female) balancing up the gender. The youths bemoaned how they are used by politicians to get into power and later dumped to roam about the streets with no education and jobs. They sent a warning to the politicians that this time around they will use their power to remove the Patriotic Front government if they do not give or enact a new constitution before 2016.

The lawyers could not be left out, the President of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) dropped his bags from his trip and rushed to Mulungushi to give that solidarity speech in agreement with other speakers.

The opposition political parties were also represented and expressed their anxiety to have a new constitution. They said that, the Constitution is a national issue not political and it should be treated as such.

DSC_0003The Islamic Association was also represented and they gave their speech. Whilst Muslims pledge loyalty to those in leadership, the speaker   seemed to have gotten fed up with the PF govt and reminded them that they cannot go on suppressing people on the issue of the constitution. He also warned those who fake members of the Grand coalition to do the right thing.

The event almost reached a climax when an extra-ordinary life man, Dr. DSC_0006Venon Mwaanga, (a man who has had a fair share of women in his life, as he once boasted) took to the stage and delivered his message. The veteran politician took a swipe at the PF govt and told them to be accountable to the people and deliver on what they promised. He also edged the citizens to pressure the PF govt to uphold democracy tenets and equity. He noted that the citizen have allowed the PF to slumber on many issues without any pressure from the citizens for them to do better.

DSC_0029The keynote speech came from Fr. Cleophas Lungu who delivered his message in very strong terms, warning that time has come for the PF to do what they promised otherwise they will suffer a plague that will send them into extinction politically. The preacher man did not pull his punches on the govt exhorting them to enact a new constitution.

DSC_0044Being part of the gathering, the Zambian Voice took a humble stage as one of the participants to express the concern of Zambians being good speakers but not action oriented because they like self-preservation. They speak so well, but do not brave the situation to do that which will move things other than talking. It was hoped that after the conference some actions will be taken other than the usual talk shows we have been having over the past 3 years which has made the govt comfortable enough to ignore the civil societies.









In spite of the so many speakers and messages expressed, one message was clear, the grand coalition wants a new constitution as soon as possible and they are ready to die for it, what is remaining is the action to that effect.

However a day later the new Minister of Justice Edger Lungu fired gun shoots in the air warning CSOs not pressure govt through illegal demonstrations or the current constitution will deal with them. He specifically said, “those who want to go to jail, let them misconduct themselves, we have a current constitution which is there. There are no lacunas in that aspect”.

20140901_101616The minister also announced that he will have a meeting with the Solicitor General and Cabinet to see the way forward but he would not grantee the outcome of the meeting. 


Grand Coalition Conference at Mulungushi in Pictures 30.08.2014

What Fred M’membe Said The Day Wynter Kabimba Was Dropped As A Minister

The Post Newspaper owned by Mr. Fred M’membe is seen as a sympathizer of Mr. Wynter Kabimba former Justice Minister. Mr. Kabimba was fired from his position as minister and Secretary General of the party on 28th August 2014 by President Michael Sata. On 29th August The Post  carried a thought provoking editorial   and we would have a copy here so that we can refer to it in future.

Post Newspaper HeadlineThe dropping of Wynter Kabimba from his positions as secretary general of the ruling Patriotic Front and Minister of Justice seems to have come as a big surprise to the nation.
Many people were phoning us yesterday, asking what is happening in Michael Sata’s government and the Patriotic Front. Their shock is understandable. But this did not come as a surprise to us because it is not an isolated incident.

This is the culmination of a long and sustained campaign of lies, malice and all sorts of propaganda against Wynter. It is a continuation of the campaign that we saw last year being waged against him by well-known elements. At that time, we concluded that Wynter was under attack from corrupt and tribalistic elements and deserved the support of all Zambians of goodwill. They paraded a coffin with his name on it on Cairo Road with impunity. It reached a point where Wynter was not ready to take it anymore and offered to leave.

It was clear at that time what forces were at play and what was propelling them.

There are times in life when evil triumphs over good. But the triumph of evil is always a very short-lived one. In 2008, Rupiah Banda and his corrupt clique triumphed in the contest for the leadership of the MMD and the country. Where are they today? Where has that victory taken them? What has that victory brought them? Corrupt and tribalistic elements have gotten their way and are today celebrating over Wynter’s removal from government and the key leadership of the Patriotic Front. But this victory will not last any longer than the light of a candle lasts under a storm. “History as a whole,” Lenin observed, “is always richer in content, more varied, more multiform, more lively and ingenious than is imagined by even the best of parties.”

Michael has every right to drop Wynter. It is his party, it is his government and he has the right to choose whom he wants to work with and discard those he doesn’t want anymore.
Michael also has the right to choose between the honest, the incorruptible and the dishonest and corrupt. But there are always consequences for the choices one makes.

We have been asked what to expect from these changes. Our answer has been: ‘We don’t know.’ However, one can make some simple guesses. You judge where one wants to go or where one is headed by the type of people one picks to accompany him on his journey.
If one picks dishonest and corrupt elements to accompany him, then the ending is not difficult to foresee. And nobody feels sorry for snake-charmers or wild animal tamers who get bitten, and nobody will feel sorry for you if you run around with dishonest, crooked and corrupt elements and get involved in their wrongdoing.

For these reasons, we advise against being jealous of the successes of dishonest, crooked and corrupt elements; you don’t know what kind of disaster is in store for them. Don’t take pleasure in the things that make dishonest, crooked and corrupt elements happy; remember that they will be held guilty as long as they live.

As for those who want to do the right things and serve their people in an honest, just and fair way, they should be prepared for times when they will be put to test. They will have to be sincere and determined. They will need to keep calm when trouble comes and accept whatever happens to them. Even if they suffer humiliation, they should be patient. Gold is tested by fire, and human character is tested in the furnace of humiliation.

As for Wynter, we believe he has discharged his duty with sufficient honour and integrity and there is nothing to worry or feel humiliated about. The positions he was holding both in government and in the Patriotic Front were not his – they belonged to Michael. Wynter was serving in those positions at Michael’s invitation. He was invited to be secretary general of the Patriotic Front by Michael. He was equally invited to be Minister of Justice by Michael. Of course, it took over a year for Wynter to accept a position in Michael’s government. Wynter did not seek or want to be minister. He resisted being a minister for more than a year. It was his respect, loyalty to and trust for Michael that made him eventually accept to serve as minister. Today, Michael has decided to do things differently. Why should that be an issue? And why should Wynter be hurt by something he didn’t seek, he didn’t want, when it is taken away from him?

Through the use of lies, deception, conditions were every day being created for the imposition of an apparatus for the serving of personal ends which would eventually move out of the way the most honest, the incorruptible.

These things happen. They have happened in many political parties and to many progressive people, individuls the world over. Wasn’t Chris Hani expelled from the African National Congress to later become the chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe and a hero of the ANC, second only to Nelson Mandela in popularity and people’s trust? We have no doubt Wynter is an honest, incorruptible, progressive well-meaning man who deserves respect. Of course, this is not to say Wynter is indispensable. No one is indispensable.

 All will one day go. We believe that neither the history of countries, nor the lives of nations, should be dependent on individuals, on personalities. But we should not destroy those leaders who have prestige. What happens if we destroy them? Then, unfortunately, when difficult times come, the people do not have anyone in whom to believe. The more voices we have that speak with authority, so much the better. If we have one leader, two, ten, with prestige, we should have more leaders with prestige.

What has happened, what is happening is not a product of oversight nor is it unconscious, but rather it is deliberate and conscious. Some people have simply allowed themselves to be blinded by personal ambition, greed and vanity. And as a result, they are creating a series of problems. In a word, they are creating veritable chaos.

We have no doubt a lot will be said about this issue. Many questions will be asked seeking honest answers. Will honest answers come? We doubt it!

As for Wynter, our advice is let these positions or appointments that were creating a lot of problems in his long relationship with Michael go. But they should not in any way destroy his long friendship, brotherhood and comradeship with Michael. Rather, the removal of these positions should now free him from all encumbrances and allow him to enjoy a more free relationship with Michael anchored on loyalty and principles they share. Loyalty and firmness of principles should never be traded for positions. It is advised that “never abandon an old friend; you will never find a new one who can take his place”.

However, in the final analysis obligations and commitments to the people, the nation, the homeland should take precedence over obligations, commitments to individuals, friends,  comrades, relatives.

MUVI TV Boss Suspended

Mr. Costa Mwansa

Mr. Costa Mwansa

The Zambian watchdog has reported that Muvi TV managing director Costa Mwansa has been suspended (or fired) for allegedly charging members of the public to appear on discussion programmes against company policy and sleeping on duty. Mwansa is also facing allegations of using his position to have sexual intercourse with female employees.

Such stories are of serious concern to us in a number of aspects, such as freedom of speech, media independence, gender abuse, standard of living of journalists, the future of our media in the Country among others.

It is a fact the many journalists in this Country are face a lot of challenges in their work and welfare. Journalists face difficulties like lack equipment, transport, harassment and poor conditions of services. Their salaries are usually very low.

These challenges put the journalist under pressure to live up to the expectations of their employers and the general public who see them celebrities. It is therefore very common for journalists to solicit for inducements of all kinds. It has become almost a norm to provide transport refunds for journalists when you have an event that needs coverage. Even to appear on a programme designed by the media house itself, you are asked to pay something otherwise you would not be entertained no matter how good you are in your views. Comments or views will make news depending on the interests of the reporter and the editor. This situation deprives ordinary citizens from exercising their rights to speak freely and be heard by others which eventually create health debate.

The challenges also lead to poor professional etiquette and production. Our media certainly need to do better in production to reach an acceptable standard of journalism.

However, it must be pointed out that not all journalists or media houses are involved in the vice of soliciting enticements from the general public. Some journalists are so professional in their dealings that you feel like appreciating or assisting them wholeheartedly.

The allegations levied against Costa Mwansa should be investigated thoroughly owing to the fact that he is in the high office where examples must be set. However, no one is guilty until proven guilty.


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